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I Hate the I.R.S.


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Hi, my name is Paul Miller. I have been fighting the I.R.S., for 7 years now. What was once a small bill is now over $32,000.00. I had an aggreement with them at one point, several years ago! I had been working with thier Offer and Compromise dept. Then they told me they were going to keep my next 2 years tax returns, which was legal according to them becouse it was  the end of the year! On top of the $15,500.00 they have kept from refunds and not taken off the balance plus the amount we agreed upon of $7,984.00.  Let me see if I have this straight, I owed less than $10,500.00 in Jan 1995. They have kept $15,500.00 in returns since then. They were going to take $7,984.00 to cancel the debt and keep my next 2 tax returns, well thats about $28,000.00.
    I hate the I.R.S.! I paid J.K. Harris to fight this(don't ever use J.K. Harris)! I waisted another $2,600.00, they lost my records and my bill is still climbing and becouse I stopped payment, J.K. Harris has put a bad recomendation on my credit report! It has been almost 2 years since I hired them!
    Becouse the I.R.S., has a lien on my credit report! I cannot buy a house, barrow money, cannot buy a car or for that matter, have anything in my name, for fear the I.R.S., will confiscate it! I may not even have a job, the company I work for does not allow you to work with a garnishment on wages, so if they make that move, I will be out of work too!
    I know Americans are the most generous people, look at all we have done for other countries around the world. Even ones we don't get along with! With hardly no regognition or thanks. America is truely a great country but our leaders seam only to be interested in them selfs and money!
    I am looking for whatever help I can get! Please help if you can?
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Thank You!
Paul Miller


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